Arnel Pineda Slams Racists: “I Won’t Stop Singing For JOURNEY”

Arnel Pineda, the lead singer of Journey, has boldly confronted racism on Instagram, responding to critics with a heartfelt message. Against the backdrop of John Lennon’s ‘Love,’ Pineda asserted his unwavering dedication to singing, whether with Journey or not, emphasizing that it’s an intrinsic part of his being.

In a message directed at detractors, adversaries, racists, bigots, and haters, Pineda extended an olive branch, advocating for peace and mutual understanding. He declared, “While I aspire to a better life and recognition for my talents, I have never harbored dreams of being an integral part of the beloved band you hold in such high esteem.”

Reflecting on the twists of fate, destiny, divine intervention, or sheer luck that led him to Journey, Pineda acknowledged the pain he may have caused and offered to shoulder the blame for the satisfaction of his critics. Rooted in a belief in forgiveness, love, peace, unity, and harmony, he appealed for understanding and encouraged others to choose love over hate.

In conclusion, Pineda expressed pride in the metaphorical wounds he carries, likening them to beautiful scars. He extended wishes of peace and love to everyone, firmly asserting that love will always emerge victorious.

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  1. Arnel Pineda just do his best to be a part of Journey , whatever his critics are doing it is in the best interest to the band to keep moving , let have peace and open mind for the love of music cause that is the language of the soul


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