Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga Oscars Performance “Shallow”

The film ‘A Star Is Born’ not only captivated audiences worldwide but also forged a deep bond between pop sensation Lady Gaga and actor Bradley Cooper, who voiced Rocket Racoon. Their collaboration on the hit song “Shallow” from the movie led to an unforgettable performance at the Oscars.

During the Oscars ceremony, the duo stunned viewers as they walked hand in hand from the audience to the stage, channeling the intense chemistry of their characters in the film. Their passionate rendition of “Shallow” went viral on social media, amassing over 731 million views. Witness their electrifying performance below:

Their connection extended beyond the silver screen. During one of Lady Gaga’s Vegas residency shows, Bradley Cooper surprised fans by joining her on stage for a special rendition of “Shallow.” Their seamless performance evoked the magic of the movie and left the audience in awe. Watch the enchanting moment unfold in the video below:

The success of “Shallow” continued to soar, earning the duo a standing ovation at the 2019 Oscars ceremony. Bradley Cooper’s impressive singing voice, showcased in ‘A Star Is Born’, contributed to the soundtrack’s massive success, with over six million copies sold by June 2019. Lady Gaga’s powerhouse vocals further solidified her status as a music icon, delivering emotive performances that resonated with audiences worldwide.

Critics hailed “Shallow” as a stunning duet, with accolades pouring in for Lady Gaga’s transcendent performance. The song clinched the prestigious Best Original Song award at the 91st Academy Awards, cementing its place in cinematic history.

Originally released in 1937, ‘A Star Is Born’ has been reimagined multiple times, with the 2018 version receiving widespread acclaim. Grossing $436.2 million worldwide and earning rave reviews from critics, the film garnered a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 4.5-star rating in Rolling Stone.

Lady Gaga’s residency in Las Vegas, reported as a $75 million deal, marked a new era of entertainment in the city. Performing at the MGM Park Theatre alongside icons like Bruno Mars and Britney Spears, Lady Gaga solidified her place in music history alongside legendary performers like Elvis Presley.

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