Color Music Children’s Choir Performs Fabulous Cover Of Something Just Like This

In the midst of the harrowing narratives surrounding the conflict in Ukraine, there emerges a beacon of beauty, talent, and resilience. Enter the COLOR MUSIC children’s choir from Dnipro, whose rendition of the Chainsmokers/Coldplay hit “Something Just Like This” has captivated hearts worldwide via YouTube.

Founded by Olena and Oleksandr Petrykov, this choir is more than just a musical ensemble—it’s a transformative program dedicated to nurturing young talent. Through rigorous training in vocal techniques, music theory, and even studio recording, they aim to unlock the innate potential within every child. Their ethos is simple yet profound: every child possesses a unique gift waiting to be discovered.

Peruse their YouTube channel, and you’ll witness this philosophy in action. Over the span of seven years, they’ve showcased the talents of countless children, blending Ukrainian melodies with international hits. Among their budding stars is Ilya, a young boy whose piano skills evoke comparisons to the legendary Elton John.

With 1.16 million subscribers and counting, it’s evident that their impact transcends borders. Their rendition of “Something Just Like This” alone has amassed a staggering 82 million views since its upload on Christmas Day 2018. Such meteoric success necessitated expansion, with the choir growing fourfold to accommodate the influx of aspiring young artists.

Their performances exude charm and sophistication beyond their years. Dressed immaculately in black attire with gold accents, the children radiate elegance on stage. But it’s not just their attire or vocal prowess that captivates audiences—it’s their infectious enthusiasm and boundless joy. Each child pours their heart and soul into every note, their exuberance palpable as they sway and shimmy to the music.

Yet, amidst their flourishing talents lies a sobering reality: their homeland faces uncertainty and adversity. In recent months, the choir has embraced a newfound responsibility—to serve as ambassadors of hope and resilience. One poignant example is their appearance at a benefit concert in Berlin, where they joined forces with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin to raise funds for Ukraine.

For these young performers, sharing the stage with a global icon was a dream come true—a moment of pure magic that left an indelible mark on their hearts. Watch their performance, and you’ll find yourself swept away by the sheer joy and camaraderie that radiates from every chord.

In a world plagued by darkness, the COLOR MUSIC children’s choir shines brightly as a testament to the transformative power of music and the unwavering spirit of youth. So, take a moment to immerse yourself in their melodies, and let their infectious optimism ignite a spark of hope within your soul.

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