Cormac Thompson Young Chorister Sings “Empty Chairs At Empty Tables”

Cormac Thompson, a young choir singer hailing from Lancashire, UK, embarked on his musical journey at the tender age of 8. In 2020, he ventured into the realm of YouTube, sharing his vocal prowess with the world. It wasn’t long before his talent caught the attention of Decca Records, leading to a collaborative effort to produce an album.

One of Cormac’s standout performances was his rendition of “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” from “Les Misérables,” recorded at London’s Masterchord Studio. This poignant track was released as a charity single in support of “Acting For Others,” a vital organization providing assistance to theater workers facing hardships, particularly during the challenges of 2020.

In the accompanying video, 13-year-old Cormac showcases remarkable musical maturity through his emotive vocal delivery. Amidst the uncertainties of 2020, unable to visit his beloved nannie due to lockdown restrictions, Cormac found solace in music. His mother began recording his performances, initially intended for his nannie in Northern Ireland, yet inadvertently igniting Cormac’s deep-seated passion for music.

Fuelled by this newfound passion, Cormac’s musical journey flourished. In 2021, he caught the attention of professional pianist Dominic Ferris, renowned for his collaborations with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and acclaimed artists like Michael Ball. Recognizing Cormac’s immense talent and dedication, Dominic, along with Cormac’s parents, embarked on recording eight tracks together.

Cormac’s angelic vocals have also graced the airwaves in the UK, notably during his participation in the “BBC Young Chorister of the Year” competition, where he reached the final held at Salisbury Cathedral in 2021.

Reflecting on his musical influences, Cormac expresses a diverse taste, drawing inspiration from artists like Ed Sheeran. With a keen eye on preserving his treble voice before the inevitable transition to adulthood, Cormac remains steadfast in his pursuit of singing melodies that accentuate his vocal prowess.

To explore more of Cormac’s musical journey and support his endeavors, one can subscribe to his YouTube channel, follow him on social media platforms, or visit his official website. Additionally, donations to the “Acting For Others” charity, championed by Cormac, can be made on Just Giving. Fans can also connect with Dominic Ferris on Facebook to discover more of his remarkable piano performances.

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