Dancing Policeman Dan Graham Steals The Show At Notting Hill Carnival & You Might Recognize Him

At the Notting Hill Carnival, a dancing policeman stole the spotlight with his impressive moves, and you might just recognize him. During a hip-hop performance, the emcee spotted Officer Dan Graham, 34, grooving in front of the stage and encouraged him to show off his dance skills for the crowd.

Graham didn’t disappoint, delivering some seriously groovy moves with tight footwork that got the crowd cheering. It turns out, Graham is no stranger to performing on stage. He reached the semi-finals on Britain’s Got Talent in 2017, where his captivating dance routine in his police uniform won over the judges and audience alike.

In his Britain’s Got Talent audition, Graham impressed judge David Walliams, who was almost tempted to hit the golden buzzer before Graham even began dancing. His energetic freestyle routine left everyone in awe and earned him a spot in the next round.

Offstage, Graham’s dedication to duty was also evident. The day after his memorable audition, while celebrating with friends in Epsom, Surrey, Graham sprang into action upon hearing a nearby car crash. He detained the driver until on-duty officers arrived, ultimately leading to the arrest of the motorist for driving while unfit.

Graham’s spontaneous performance at the Notting Hill Carnival earned him praise online, with many commending his ability to bring joy and positivity to his role as a police officer. Fans appreciated seeing a different side of law enforcement and expressed respect for Graham’s dedication to both his job and spreading happiness in the community.

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