Dire Straits And Eric Clapton Is A Match Made In Heaven On “Money For Nothing”

Dire Straits, renowned for the guitar virtuosity of frontman Mark Knopfler, took their prowess to new heights with the legendary Eric Clapton joining them onstage at the 1990 Knebworth Festival.

Clapton’s collaborations with Dire Straits have been a highlight over the years, none more so than his electrifying performance during “Money for Nothing” at Knebworth. Knopfler kicks off the song, delivering the iconic riff and taking the first solo, before Clapton steps in around the four-minute mark, showcasing his trademark fretwork with effortless style, all while sporting a commanding pink suit.

Not to be outdone in the fashion stakes, Knopfler graces the stage in a striking burnt orange suit, wielding his custom-built Pensa Suhr MK guitar—a true symbol of his artistry. While the studio version of “Money for Nothing” lacks a guitar solo, Knopfler unleashes a fiery improvisation during the live performance, perhaps fueled by the friendly rivalry sparked by Clapton’s presence.

Clapton’s involvement didn’t end with just one song; he also lent his talent to “Think I Love You Too Much,” delivering yet another unforgettable solo. Both performances are a testament to Dire Straits’ live prowess, captivating the massive audience with their infectious groove and impeccable musicianship.

While the studio version of “Money for Nothing” remains iconic, the live rendition truly shines, showcasing the band’s organic energy and musical chemistry. Stripped of studio gimmicks, the live performance captures the essence of Dire Straits’ unparalleled live presence.

“Money for Nothing,” propelled by its innovative 3D music video and Sting’s iconic backing vocals, marked a commercial peak for Dire Straits. The song’s success, coupled with the chart-topping album “Brothers in Arms,” solidified the band’s status as global superstars, achieving platinum status and topping charts worldwide.

Despite initial reluctance, Knopfler’s decision to greenlight the animated music video proved pivotal, cementing “Money for Nothing” as a timeless classic and a cornerstone of Dire Straits’ illustrious career.

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