Ed Sheeran Melts Hearts With Heavenly Acapella Version Of “Afterglow”

Ed Sheeran, the acclaimed English artist, delivered a mesmerizing acapella rendition of his song “Afterglow,” accompanied by an eight-piece choir, infusing the ballad with a soulful gospel vibe. Known for his exceptional vocal talent, Sheeran’s genuine delivery resonates deeply, evoking heartfelt emotions among listeners.

Performed in a stunning church setting, the choir adds a captivating visual element to the performance, enhancing the ethereal atmosphere of the song. The collective harmony of the acapella voices creates a profound impact, eliciting a powerful emotional response. With seven million views on YouTube, the performance has captivated audiences worldwide.

While the vocalists may not be individually miked up, the natural acoustics of the church contribute to the haunting beauty of the vocals, amplifying the resonance of the lyrics. Unlike the original studio recording, which features Sheeran’s layered vocals, the choir’s accompaniment brings a deeper richness to the song.

Originally released in December 2020, “Afterglow” found its way onto Sheeran’s fifth album = as a bonus track for the Japanese edition. The song’s straightforward lyrics celebrate the romance between lovers, striking a chord with fans. The accompanying single-take performance video, viewed 120 million times on YouTube, showcases Sheeran’s original arrangement of the song.

With a sparse arrangement featuring acoustic guitar, synths, and vocals, the studio version of “Afterglow” is elevated by the stripped-back acapella rendition. Fans lauded the harmonies, describing them as sensational and soul-soothing, appreciating the purity of the vocal harmony.

“Afterglow” marked Sheeran’s return from an extended hiatus, delighting fans with its December release. Despite being a non-single, the song soared to the top of the charts in Israel and made the top 10 in several countries, including the UK and the US. Critics praised the song’s intimate mood and melody, highlighting its simplicity as its greatest strength.

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