Ed Sheeran Surprises 10 Year Old In A Heart Melting Moment On Live Radio

Meet Rafa, a remarkable 10-year-old boy whose heartwarming performance with his idol, Ed Sheeran, brought tears of joy to listeners of Heart FM and their host, Amanda Holden.

Rafa’s story touched the hearts of many as he shared how he learned to play Ed Sheeran’s songs to bring joy to his grandfather, Norman, during the challenging days of lockdown. Norman, battling cancer, found solace in Rafa’s Zoom serenades, creating a special bond between them.

During their appearance on the show, Rafa’s family shared their touching journey. Host Jamie praised Rafa’s dedication to uplifting his grandfather’s spirits during such a difficult time. Norman expressed his gratitude, emphasizing the significance of staying connected with his beloved grandchildren.

As a surprise, Rafa was invited to perform Ed Sheeran’s hit song “Thinking Out Loud” on the show. Little did he know, his musical hero was about to make an unforgettable entrance. Ed Sheeran walked into the studio, joining Rafa in a heartfelt duet that left everyone in awe.

Despite the overwhelming moment, Rafa remained composed, continuing to play alongside Ed Sheeran. The studio filled with emotions as Norman beamed with pride, witnessing his grandson’s dream come true. Ed Sheeran’s genuine kindness shone through as he promised Rafa a special gift: one of his guitars.

This touching encounter not only showcased Rafa’s talent and compassion but also highlighted Ed Sheeran’s generosity and humility. Their duet became a symbol of hope and connection, proving that music has the power to uplift spirits and bring people together in the most heartwarming way possible.

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