Emotional Dad And Daughter Duet By Caitlin And Tim Has The Voice Coach In Tears

Australian father-daughter duo Caitlin and Tim Rizzoli left their coach Rita Ora in tears with their heartfelt rendition of “Say Something” by A Great Big World on The Voice. As they worked on perfecting their vocals for the song, Rita was visibly moved by their special connection and the emotional depth they brought to their performance.

Tim and Caitlin showcase a remarkable blend of powerhouse vocals, with Tim’s bold voice complementing Caitlin’s smoother tone to perfection. Rita Ora couldn’t hold back her tears after hearing their rendition, expressing how much she missed her own father and how their performance made her feel his presence. She remarked, “I haven’t been home for a while and it really made me feel like my dad was right there.”

Recognizing the significance of their duet, Rita emphasized the lasting impact of their performance, noting that it would be a cherished memory they could revisit forever. Their initial audition on “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper also left a lasting impression, with Tim’s classic country vocals and Caitlin’s dramatic pop and R&B vibe capturing the attention of all four judges.

Throughout The Voice Generations competition, Caitlin and Tim continued to impress, eventually emerging as the winners. Judge Guy Sebastian acknowledged their immense talent, describing their audition as “pretty special” and recognizing the undeniable magic of their performances.

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