Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Singing “The Fighter” In The Car Is #CoupleGoals

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s rendition of “The Fighter” in the car is the epitome of #CoupleGoals. From the moment they kick off with a playful skit, their undeniable chemistry shines through. Despite a brief hiccup with the stereo, Urban quickly recovers, leading into the heartfelt chorus with precision.

As they trade call and response hooks, Kidman exudes charm, channeling her inner Disney princess serenading her love. Both Urban and Kidman ooze charisma in the video, solidifying their status as Australia’s beloved power couple. Shot on a smartphone, the video became an instant hit on Urban’s channel, drawing in 10 million fans.

“The Fighter” served as the fifth single from Urban’s Ripcord album, featuring Carrie Underwood on the studio version. While Kidman’s vocals may be somewhat muffled in the car clip, her performance is still top-notch. With her background in musical films like Moulin Rouge! and occasional onstage appearances with Urban, Kidman proves her musical prowess once again.

The song itself holds special significance for the couple, as Urban revealed it was inspired by their relationship. In an interview with The Boot, Urban explained how the lyrics reflect their commitment to each other, making “The Fighter” a fitting duet for the pair.

With their heartfelt rendition and genuine connection, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman remind us of the power of love and unity. Their rendition of “The Fighter” is not just a duet; it’s a testament to their enduring bond and mutual admiration, capturing the hearts of millions worldwide.

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