Listen To 10,000 Voices Sing “Love Of My Life” Alongside The Greatest Freddie Mercury Impersonator

If you’re eager to witness an extraordinary rendition of Queen’s “Love Of My Life,” accompanied by a crowd of 10,000 voices and the remarkable vocal mimicry of Freddie Mercury himself, then you’re in for a treat.

Enter Marc Martel, delivering a spine-tingling performance in Santiago, Chile. It’s one of those magical moments where the audience’s energy amplifies an already stellar performance. Marc’s vocals soar with power and precision, showcasing his undeniable talent and professionalism.

Meet the exceptionally gifted Marc Martel hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Born in November 1976, Marc embarked on his musical journey as a Canadian rock musician. Raised by parents Barbara Beresford Martel and Michel Martel, he attended Briercrest College in Saskatchewan.

In 1999, Marc co-founded his first band, Downhere, alongside his friend and roommate Jason Germain. Close your eyes, and you might mistake Marc’s vocals for the legendary Freddie Mercury himself! His uncanny ability to emulate Freddie’s voice has garnered him widespread acclaim, particularly among Queen fans.

Marc’s cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” has amassed over 44 million views, captivating audiences worldwide. His attention to detail, capturing Freddie’s nuances and subtleties, elevates his Queen covers to unparalleled heights.

In September 2011, Marc seized the opportunity to audition for The Queen Extravaganza, an official Queen tribute band project spearheaded by Roger Taylor, Queen’s original drummer. His rendition of “Somebody To Love” quickly went viral, accumulating over a million views on YouTube within days.

Notably, Marc contributed to the biographical film “Bohemian Rhapsody,” released in 2018, which chronicles Queen’s journey. While Rami Malek portrayed the lead role of Freddie Mercury, Marc lent his vocals to certain scenes where Rami’s singing wasn’t feasible.

Graham King, the film’s producer, lauded Marc’s ability to emulate Freddie’s voice flawlessly, underscoring his pivotal role in bringing authenticity to the film’s musical sequences. With his remarkable talent, Marc Martel has solidified his place as a worthy successor to Freddie Mercury’s iconic vocals.

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