Louisa Johnson’s Journey To X Factor Winner Started With This One Michael Jackson Cover

In 2015, The X Factor UK witnessed a remarkable moment when the young soul singer Louisa Johnson took the stage. Accompanied by her supportive mother and nerves rattling, Louisa was determined to pursue her musical dreams. Despite the pressure, she delivered a stunning performance that eventually led her to victory in that year’s competition.

As Louisa stepped onto the stage, it was evident that she was grappling with nerves. Even Cheryl Cole, one of the judges, offered a reassuring reminder to breathe. However, once Louisa began singing “Who’s Loving You,” her nerves seemed to vanish, and her talent shone through.

The judges, including Simon Cowell, were taken aback by Louisa’s soulful voice from the very first note. It was clear that she possessed the potential to become a star. With positive feedback and encouragement from the judges, Louisa’s audition proved to be a turning point in her journey on The X Factor.

The song choice, “Who’s Loving You,” originally performed by Michael Jackson as part of The Jackson 5, showcased Louisa’s vocal range and depth. While Jackson was renowned for his pop hits, this soulful ballad highlighted his versatility as an artist.

Louisa’s audition not only earned her praise from the judges and viewers but also paved the way for her victory in The X Factor. Since her success on the show, Louisa has released several singles and a studio album, solidifying her position as a rising star in the music industry.

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