Lucky Chops Return To NYC Subway Roots With Funkytown/I Feel Good Cover

In the summer of 2023, Lucky Chops, the high-energy brass band, decided to mark their 17th anniversary by returning to their roots—the bustling corridors of the NYC subway. It was here, in 2014, that they first gained attention by winning the ‘Music Under New York’ competition, captivating commuters with their electrifying performances. One viral video later, and Lucky Chops became a global sensation.

Their recent subway performance, featuring their famous mash-up of Funkytown and I Feel Good, was a nostalgic nod to their humble beginnings. Armed with trombones, trumpets, drums, a sousaphone, and two saxophones, their music echoed through the subway, drawing crowds and garnering over a million views on YouTube.

Since their viral breakthrough, Lucky Chops has toured extensively, performing in 25 countries and releasing multiple albums. Despite their global success, they remain committed to music education outreach, spreading the joy of music wherever they go.

Their recent subway performance wasn’t just a trip down memory lane; it was a reminder of their unwavering passion for music and their dedication to spreading positivity through their unique big brass sound. With a new album released and ongoing tours, Lucky Chops continues to captivate audiences worldwide, leaving a trail of infectious energy wherever they go.

For fans of high-energy brass band music, Lucky Chops is a must-see. Follow them on YouTube to experience their electrifying performances firsthand and join the thousands who have been swept away by their infectious energy.

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