Marcelito Pomoy Tenor And Soprano In One Unique Voice

Marcelito Pomoy, a renowned singer from the Philippines, possesses a remarkable talent that sets him apart: the ability to sing in both tenor and soprano ranges. Born on September 22, 1984, in Imus, Cavite, Marcelito faced early challenges as his father was incarcerated, and his mother left him and his sibling to fend for themselves in Manila. Raised by a police officer, Marcelito took on odd jobs to make ends meet.

His journey to discovery began during one of these jobs when he found solace in singing to himself. Experimenting with his voice, he unearthed his unique ability to seamlessly switch between male and female vocal styles. Encouraged by this revelation, Marcelito started participating in singing competitions, eventually auditioning for Pilipinas’ Got Talent at the age of 25.

Marcelito’s mesmerizing performance of “The Prayer” during the show’s finale left audiences in awe as he flawlessly transitioned between the song’s male and female parts, earning him the title of season 2 champion. His victory opened doors to new opportunities, including a regular hosting spot on the popular entertainment show ASAP and the release of his debut album “Duet Yourself.”

Renowned for his extraordinary vocal prowess, Marcelito gained international recognition when he appeared on America’s Got Talent: The Champions, captivating judges and viewers alike with his powerful performances. Despite finishing fourth overall, his talent continued to garner widespread acclaim, bolstering his following on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, where he boasts over 660,000 followers.

In addition to his musical endeavors, Marcelito remains dedicated to philanthropy, using his fame to support various charitable projects aimed at improving the lives of residents in his wife Joan’s hometown of Calauag. Together, they have a daughter named Marcella and reside in Calauag, where Marcelito also manages hardware shops.

Despite his achievements and philanthropic efforts, Marcelito remains grounded and committed to his passion for music, earning him a place as one of the Philippines’ most beloved and celebrated talents.

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