“Mild-Mannered” 64-Year-Old Kenny Petrie Shreds Up A Storm On Britain’s Got Talent

Step into the spotlight with Kenny Petrie, a 64-year-old Scottish company director who recently graced the Britain’s Got Talent stage, turning a seemingly ordinary audition into a spectacular display of musical prowess. At first, as Petrie gingerly opened his guitar case, the audience had no idea what awaited them. However, in a matter of moments, the crowd found themselves cheering for a newfound rock sensation.

Judge David Walliams was quick to declare Petrie a rock god as he unleashed the classic Aerosmith riff from “Walk This Way.” The Scottish guitarist not only showcased his impressive riffing skills but also treated the audience to a wild wah solo, incorporating lightning-fast finger tapping reminiscent of Eddie Van Halen’s iconic style. Throughout the performance, Petrie maintained an infectious enthusiasm, prompting even the usually stoic Simon Cowell to grin with childlike delight.

As the unexpected rock virtuoso concluded his performance, Cowell, summing up the general sentiment, dryly remarked, “Well, we weren’t expecting that.” Walliams echoed the surprise, praising Petrie’s fantastic and unexpected display, noting, “It was unexpected as you seem such a mild-mannered guy. I mean, sorry, I didn’t think, ‘Oh, here comes a rock god.'”

The praise continued as Cowell acknowledged the joy of being surprised, admitting that he initially had doubts when the guitar appeared on stage. Walliams emphatically gave a “rocking yes,” and with unanimous approval from judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon, Petrie received a clean sweep for his audition. This unexpected rock revelation on Britain’s Got Talent echoed a similar surprise from John Wines on America’s Got Talent earlier in the year.

Online, Petrie’s audition became a sensation, attracting 5.6 million viewers who marveled at his fretboard fireworks. Fans flooded the comments with praise, describing Kenny as an inspiration and expressing their joy in witnessing his performance. One fan shared, “Kenny is an inspiration; I was up on my feet throughout this whole performance with a huge smile on my face – it made my night. What a legend.”

Petrie, no stranger to the guitar, regularly performs live with his band, Mr Spankey and the Hipthrusters, a five-piece group with a penchant for imaginative names. While sometimes adopting the stage name “The Reverend Kenny Petrie,” there’s no indication that he holds an actual clerical title, adding another layer of intrigue to this unexpected rock revelation.

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