Queen Posts Cleaned-Up, Recovered Footage Of The Band Performing A Showstopping Cover Of Jail House Rock

For many touring bands, ending a show is like putting the final brushstroke on a masterpiece. It’s not just about wrapping up; it’s about leaving a lasting impression, an echo that reverberates in the minds of the audience long after they’ve left the venue. And what better way to do that than with a killer anthem?

But what if you’ve already exhausted your own repertoire? That’s where covers come in. Whether it’s a classic like “Hey Joe” or a guilty pleasure like a Spice Girls hit, a well-chosen cover can elevate the energy of the crowd to new heights. And for Queen, before they made “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions” their signature closers, they often opted for something a little different.

Enter “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis Presley. This rock ‘n roll gem was a staple in Queen’s early setlists, a fitting finale for a band known for their electrifying performances. In a recently unearthed video posted on the Queen YouTube page, we get a glimpse of Freddie Mercury channeling the King himself as he belts out this iconic tune.

What strikes listeners immediately is Mercury’s vocal prowess. With each note, he pays homage to Elvis while making the song his own. It’s a testament to the influence Presley had on Mercury, who famously wrote “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” as a tribute to the rock legend.

And speaking of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” a live rendition from 1981 gives us another glimpse into Queen’s dynamic onstage presence. This performance, captured at Rock Montreal, showcases the band’s versatility and flair, setting the stage for what would undoubtedly be an epic encore.

But back to “Jailhouse Rock.” As Queen drummer Roger Taylor once said, performing this song gave the band a chance to let loose, to go a bit mad. And judging by the recovered footage of their 1975 performance at Hammersmith Odeon, fans couldn’t get enough. The comments speak for themselves, with viewers praising Mercury’s vocals and the band’s killer guitar work.

Reflecting on Elvis’s influence on Queen, Brian May summed it up best: it was impossible not to be influenced by the King. And for Freddie Mercury, in particular, Elvis was a hero, a source of inspiration that fueled his passion for rock ‘n roll.

So as we revisit these iconic performances, let’s tip our hats to the King and the band that brought his music to new heights. With each note, each riff, they remind us why rock ‘n roll will always reign supreme.

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