Shaun Dooley Covers Taylor Swift, Gets Shook When She Turns Up To His Studio Session!

One ordinary day, English actor Shaun Dooley found himself in the studio, casually recording a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Never Grow Up” for a charity project. Little did he know, his session was about to take an unexpected turn when Swift herself walked in, catching him completely off guard. As he poured his heart into the song, Swift’s unmistakable voice filled his headphones, leaving him in disbelief.

Playfully teasing him about his Yorkshire accent, Swift encouraged him to try it with a touch of American flair. Stunned by the surprise encounter, Dooley could only respond with incredulity before emotions overtook him, his hands covering his face. Fortunately, the BBC captured this unforgettable moment, allowing everyone to witness the touching exchange.

Swift joined Dooley in the vocal booth, sharing a heartfelt hug and expressing gratitude for his contribution to the charity album. Overwhelmed by the experience, Dooley professed his love for the song, emphasizing its personal significance to him.

The charity album, Got It Covered, supported Children in Need, a cause close to Swift’s heart. Reflecting on the song’s theme of growing up, Swift explained her inability to perform it live, as it symbolized leaving childhood behind. Known for her philanthropic efforts, Swift praised Dooley’s dedication to the cause, remarking on the warmth his cover brought to her heart.

In a light-hearted moment, Swift complimented Dooley’s cover and expressed her admiration for his work in the popular drama Broadchurch, where he portrayed the character Ricky Gillespie. Dooley, humbled by the praise, joked about his on-screen persona, revealing his softer side in real life.

Looking back on the unexpected encounter, Dooley confessed he would have been too nervous to perform if he had known Swift was present. Closing his eyes during the recording, he tried to imagine singing to his children, unaware of the superstar in the room until reality hit him.

Swift’s impromptu visit left an indelible mark on Dooley, reminding him of the power of music and unexpected moments. As he continues to cherish the memory, he remains grateful for the opportunity to contribute to a cause that holds such significance for both him and Swift.

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