Starstruck Busker Duets “All I Ask Of You” With Christine From Phantom Of The Opera Musical

Celinde Schoenmaker, in her role as Christine at the Majestic Theatre, initiated a memorable duet with Stephen Barry after recognizing his trained voice, leading to a spontaneous and enjoyable performance. The singing in the video lives up to expectations, but what truly elevates the experience is Barry’s unrestrained joy and Schoenmaker’s supportive and professionally poised demeanor. Barry’s genuinely starstruck reactions during Schoenmaker’s performance add a priceless touch to the video.

Captured and shared by Carol E, the video documents the impromptu duet that unfolded when she stopped to listen to Stephen performing musical numbers. Impressed by his “most incredible voice,” she lingered, eventually witnessing the enchanting exchange with Schoenmaker. Carol, quick on her feet, seized the moment and recorded the collaboration on her cell phone. Reflecting on the experience, she expressed feeling privileged to have been present for such a special moment.

Stephen Barry continued to make waves in the world of stage musicals, including an appearance in The Choir of Man. In 2018, he achieved recognition as a finalist on Ireland’s Got Talent, showcasing his remarkable vocal prowess as seen in the video titled “Stephen Barry STUNS Judges with his INCREDIBLE Big Voice.”

Presently, according to his Facebook page, Stephen Barry is exploring the world through his musical talents on cruise ships. With over 3300 followers, his Facebook content, mainly featuring travel photos, occasional writing pieces, a few songs, and entertaining stories, attracts enthusiasts, many of whom were drawn in by the viral video of his impromptu Phantom of the Opera duet with Celinde Schoenmaker.

Stephen’s online presence offers glimpses into his adventurous life, where he seems to be thoroughly enjoying his global experiences, excluding, of course, the magical minutes spent singing with Phantom of the Opera’s Christine. For those interested in more from Stephen Barry, subscribing to his YouTube channel or following him on Facebook is the way to stay connected with his musical journey.

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