Sting Is Visibly Moved When Surprised By Annie Lennox’s Shatteringly Beautiful Version Of Fragile At The Polar Music Awards.

The genesis of one of the world’s most prestigious music awards traces back to Abba’s triumphant victory at the 1974 Eurovision Contest, a moment that catalyzed a remarkable journey. Stig “Stikkan” Anderson, renowned as both Abba’s manager and lyricist, orchestrated a pivotal move in 1989 when he sold his production and music management companies to Polygram. However, Anderson’s visionary legacy extended far beyond business transactions. With a portion of the proceeds from the Polygram deal amounting to MSEK 42 (millions of Swedish krona), Anderson laid the foundation for what would become the illustrious Polar Music Prize.

This philanthropic endeavor, fueled by Anderson’s passion for music and his desire to recognize outstanding contributions to the industry, soon garnered global acclaim. The Polar Prize’s distinguished board, comprising members of Anderson’s family and luminaries from across the globe, meticulously selected honorees whose impact reverberated throughout the musical landscape. From classical maestros like Ligeti and Arvo Pärt to rock icons such as Metallica and Peter Gabriel, the roster of recipients reflected a diverse tapestry of talent and innovation.

In 2017, Sting, the venerable English musician, stood among the select few bestowed with this prestigious accolade. His indelible mark on the music world was celebrated with fervor at the Polar Music Prize ceremony in Stockholm. A moment of poignancy ensued when Annie Lennox, herself a luminary in the industry, delivered a soul-stirring rendition of Sting’s “Fragile,” a haunting tribute to the tragic death of American engineer Ben Linder in Nicaragua.

The emotive performance elicited a flood of responses from viewers worldwide, attesting to the profound impact of Lennox’s interpretation. Comments overflowed with admiration for her talent and reverence for Sting’s enduring legacy. As the Polar Awards statement aptly concluded, Sting’s unwavering commitment to human rights mirrored his status as a true global citizen, amplifying the resonance of his music beyond mere entertainment.

The Polar Music Prize’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity remained steadfast over the years, exemplified by its recognition of a wide spectrum of musical genres and artists. From the avant-garde stylings of the Kronos Quartet to the rebellious spirit embodied by Iggy Pop, each recipient brought a unique perspective to the forefront. In 2017, alongside Sting, jazz luminary Wayne Shorter was honored for his unparalleled contributions to the genre.

Shorter’s illustrious career, spanning six decades, was celebrated as a testament to his profound influence on the course of modern music. His collaborations with jazz luminaries like Miles Davis and his seminal work with Weather Report cemented his status as a trailblazer in the realm of jazz improvisation. The Polar Music Prize’s tribute to Shorter underscored his enduring legacy and his pivotal role in shaping the evolution of jazz.

As we reflect on the transformative power of music, let us heed the Polar Music Prize’s call to honor those who enrich our lives with their creativity and passion. Through their artistry, Sting, Wayne Shorter, and countless others have left an indelible imprint on the fabric of our cultural heritage, reminding us of the universal language that unites us all.

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