The Brown Brothers amaze with 10 different voice impressions

Gabriel and Nathaniel Brown, brothers and Navy veterans, brought their unique talents to the AGT 2022 stage in a memorable audition. Gabriel kicked off the audition with humor, discussing their experiences with socializing and their ability to blend in despite being on the autism spectrum. He jokingly remarked that he’s never met a “normal” person.

When Howie Mandel asked about their goals on AGT, Gabriel shared their aspiration to serve as a voice and inspiration for individuals like them. The Brown Brothers showcased their musical prowess, with Nate displaying his skills as a multi-instrumentalist while Gabe impressed as a singer adept at vocal impressions.

For their audition, the brothers introduced a unique twist by presenting the judges with yellow character cards and blue song cards, leaving the performance entirely up to chance. With 576 possible combinations, their act became an exciting improvisational challenge.

Adding to the excitement, a Simon Cowell card was drawn, injecting a playful element into their performance, especially given Cowell’s frequent portrayal in impersonations. What set the Brown Brothers apart from other impressionist acts was their approach of starting songs in a standard style before seamlessly transitioning into character. Gabe’s exceptional skill as an impressionist brought a fresh and engaging dimension to their performance.

Experience the Brown Brothers’ innovative and entertaining audition on AGT 2022 by watching the video below, showcasing their remarkable musical and impersonation talents.

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