The Judges On Belgium’s The Voice Kids Fight To Recruit Insecure 13-Year-Old Justin Degryse

Justin Degryse, a young teenager from Belgium, had a secret passion for singing that he kept hidden in the privacy of his bedroom. Despite his talent, he was too embarrassed to share his voice with others. However, his mother recognized his potential and encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

In 2020, Justin’s mother took matters into her own hands and signed him up for The Voice Kids, a popular talent show in Belgium. For his audition, Justin chose to perform Billie Eilish’s “Lovely,” a song that resonated with his feelings of embarrassment and insecurity.

Stepping onto the stage of The Voice Kids, Justin faced his biggest challenge yet – singing in front of the judges and millions of viewers across Belgium. Despite his nerves, he delivered a confident performance that caught the attention of all four judges. As the judges turned their chairs in approval, Justin was overwhelmed with astonishment and joy.

The audition took an unexpected turn as the judges competed to recruit Justin to their teams. Gers Pardoel and Laura Tesoro, in particular, made impassioned pleas for Justin to join their teams. Ultimately, Justin chose to join Laura Tesoro’s team, drawn to her enthusiasm and support.

Throughout the competition, Justin showcased his talent with performances of songs like Sam Smith’s “How Do You Sleep” and another Billie Eilish hit, “Bellyache.” Although he didn’t win the competition, Justin’s journey on The Voice Kids was a triumph over his insecurity and a testament to his courage.

No longer confined to his bedroom, Justin had become a star on the national stage, proving that with determination and support, even the shyest of individuals can shine bright.”

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