The Kiffness Remixed Shira Choir’s Viral Dinner Performance

The Kiffness, led by the creative genius David Scott, stands out as one of South Africa’s premier video and music content creators today. With a knack for producing captivating social media content, The Kiffness has quickly risen to prominence in the electronic music scene, captivating audiences with their jazzy, groovy, and irresistibly uplifting house music. Through engaging video content on platforms like social media, the group has cultivated a dedicated fan base worldwide, earning admiration and support for their brand.

One of The Kiffness’ most viral moments occurred during a dinner at a bar in Brooklyn, New York City, where a choir spontaneously burst into song, performing an a cappella rendition of “Im Hashem Lo Yivneh Bayis.” Their flawless harmonies and passionate delivery caught the attention of a talent producer, leading to a collaboration that transformed the viral video into a hit song, showcasing The Kiffness’ unique ability to turn everyday moments into musical magic. addition to their viral collaborations, The Kiffness has gained widespread acclaim for their remixes of popular videos, such as Bilal Göregen’s rendition of “Ievan Polkka” and Zaza Kanto’s inspiring performance. These remixes showcase The Kiffness’ talent for infusing their signature style into diverse musical genres, elevating each video to new heights of creativity and energy.

Beyond their online success, The Kiffness has garnered industry recognition, earning three South African Music Award nominations and achieving top 10 status on national radio charts with 10 singles. This success is a testament to David Scott’s talent and dedication, honed through years of musical study and collaboration with esteemed artists like Tresor, Shortstraw, and Mathew Gold.

Joined on stage by talented musicians like saxophonist Raiven Hansmann and vocalist Mathew Gold, The Kiffness delivers electrifying live performances that have graced the stages of South Africa’s most renowned festivals. With a dynamic lineup and a reputation for delivering unforgettable shows, The Kiffness continues to captivate audiences with their infectious beats and boundless creativity, solidifying their position as one of South Africa’s most beloved musical acts.

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