The Magical Moment Keith Urban Invited An 11 Year Old Singer To Perform Infront Of 20,000 People

In a mesmerizing moment at Sunfest, Florida, back in 2015, the crowd witnessed a magical collaboration between Australian music icon Keith Urban and young American Idol contestant Lauren Spencer-Smith. Together, they delivered a spellbinding rendition of Adele’s timeless ballad, “Make You Feel My Love,” originally penned by Bob Dylan. What made this performance even more remarkable was the fact that Lauren was just eleven years old at the time.

Keith Urban, renowned for his penchant for inviting fans to share the stage with him, handpicked Lauren for this unforgettable performance. Despite her tender age, Lauren showcased a remarkable ability to hold her own alongside Keith, captivating the audience with her soulful voice and magnetic presence.

Born in Portsmouth, England, Lauren relocated to Canada with her family when she was merely three years old. Growing up on Vancouver Island, her passion for singing blossomed early on, with her first foray into the spotlight occurring at the tender age of six during a school talent show.

At just eleven years old, Lauren launched her YouTube channel, which has since garnered an impressive following of over 702,000 subscribers. Her channel boasts not only captivating covers but also original compositions, drawing millions of views and showcasing her evolving musical prowess.

Witness the enchanting collaboration between Keith Urban and Lauren Spencer-Smith as they breathe new life into Adele’s classic hit “Make You Feel My Love” at Sunfest. This performance serves as a testament to Lauren’s extraordinary talent and the timeless appeal of music that transcends age and boundaries.

Experience the magic firsthand by watching the video below:


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