The Multi-Talented 40 Fingers Guitar Quartet From Italy

Introducing the dynamic and versatile 40 Finger Guitar Quartet hailing from Trieste, Italy. Comprising Matteo Brenci, Emanuele Grafitti, Andrea Vittori, and Marco Steffè, this quartet brings together a wealth of musical expertise, with each member boasting over 15 years of experience in the music industry.

Their remarkable rendition of Dire Straits’ classic hit “Sultans Of Swing” has garnered over 5 million views, showcasing their exceptional musicianship and innovative arrangements.

Since their formation in 2017, the quartet has captivated audiences with their diverse repertoire, spanning various musical genres. From the fiery passion of Astor Piazzolla’s “Libertango” to the iconic anthems of Queen, their performances are marked by a seamless blend of skill and creativity.

Known for their electrifying live shows, the quartet has graced stages across Europe, earning a devoted following, particularly in Eastern Europe and their native Italy.

Their music videos, filmed in picturesque settings ranging from grand music halls to rustic countryside landscapes, serve as the perfect backdrop to their artistry. A stunning rendition of Vivaldi’s “Estate/Storm” has amassed over 1 million views on YouTube, showcasing their ability to breathe new life into classical masterpieces.

In addition to their instrumental prowess, the quartet delights in reimagining beloved theme tunes, from the epic melodies of “Game of Thrones” to the enchanting melodies of Disney classics. Their Disney Medley, featuring beloved songs from “The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Tarzan,” and “Aladdin,” has garnered over 3 million views and is a testament to their creativity and versatility.

As for their name, the inspiration is simple yet ingenious: four musicians, each with ten fingers, adding up to a total of forty fingers—a fitting moniker for a quartet that continues to push the boundaries of musical excellence.

With each performance, the 40 Finger Guitar Quartet reaffirms their passion, enthusiasm, and unwavering dedication to the art of making music, leaving audiences spellbound and eager for more.

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