Vanessa-Mae’s exquisite violin playing lifts the Scorpions classic “Still Loving You.”

Vanessa-Mae, renowned for her virtuoso violin skills, added a captivating twist to Scorpions’ timeless classic “Still Loving You” during the band’s appearance on the French TV show Taratata in April 1996. While the original power ballad is known for its prominent guitars, Vanessa-Mae’s violin introduced a new and enchanting dimension to the live performance.

The synergy between lead singer Klaus Meine’s emotive vocals and Vanessa-Mae’s masterful violin playing was the highlight of the performance. Vanessa-Mae skillfully led the melody in the first half of the song before seamlessly transitioning into a supporting role as guitarist Rudolf Schenker took the lead. This rendition quickly became one of the most popular videos on Scorpions’ YouTube channel, amassing an impressive 68 million views.

The band’s ability to maintain the song’s groove, despite its slower tempo, was commendable and added to the overall impact of the performance. Fans were particularly impressed by Vanessa-Mae’s contribution, with comments flooding in to praise her talent and the sheer joy she brought to the stage. Additionally, Scorpions’ songwriting prowess was acknowledged, with many considering “Still Loving You” a timeless masterpiece in the power ballad genre.

Vanessa-Mae’s performance on Taratata is often hailed as one of the most memorable moments in the band’s live history, showcasing her deep musical understanding and exceptional violin skills.

To experience the breathtaking performance of “Still Loving You” by Vanessa-Mae and Scorpions, watch the video below.

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