When Barry Gibb’s Son Got On Stage For Emotional Duet Of Bee Gees’ ‘I’Ve Gotta Get A Message To You’

In a poignant moment during Barry Gibb’s solo tour in 2014, the Bee Gees legend created an unforgettable experience for fans by inviting his son, Stephen Gibb, on stage for a heartfelt duet. This marked Barry’s first tour without his brothers, Robin and Maurice, who had both passed away.

The emotional duet took place at the iconic Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, where Barry and Stephen performed the Bee Gees’ classic hit, “I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You.” This song, written by Robin Gibb, tells the story of a man on death row, desperate to convey a final message to his wife.

For Barry, the tour was a tribute to his late brothers, Robin and Maurice. Stephen, a talented musician and member of the Gibb Collective, joined his father on stage to honor their family’s musical legacy.

Reflecting on the loss of his brothers, Barry expressed his regrets about their strained relationships in an emotional TV interview. He revealed his deep sorrow at not reconciling with each of them before their passing, acknowledging the unique bond they shared as siblings and musicians.

Despite the heartache of losing his brothers, Barry found solace in music, cherishing the memories of their shared dreams and aspirations. The duet with his son served as a touching tribute to the enduring legacy of the Bee Gees and the profound connection between family members united by their love of music.

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