With a raucous performance of “Thunderstruck” in an Argentina stadium, AC/DC proves they are better live.

AC/DC never fails to deliver an electrifying performance, and their live rendition of “Thunderstruck” at River Plate Stadium in Argentina is a prime example of their musical mastery. This performance captures the essence of AC/DC’s signature sound, amplified by the energy of a live audience.

The dynamic guitar duo of Angus and Malcolm Young unleashes a torrent of riffs that electrify the stadium, showcasing their unparalleled skill and chemistry on stage. Brian Johnson, with his unmistakable raspy vocals, commands the attention of the crowd, igniting a collective frenzy with every note.

The audience’s fervent response reflects the deep-seated love for hard rock in South America, infusing the performance with an electric atmosphere. Behind the drum kit, Phil Rudd drives the rhythm with precision and power, infusing the song with an irresistible pulse that reverberates throughout the stadium.

What makes this performance even more special is Rudd’s presence on the drums, adding his signature groove to the track. While the original recording featured Chris Slade on drums during Rudd’s hiatus from the band, Rudd’s return brings a renewed energy and authenticity to the live rendition of “Thunderstruck.”

In essence, AC/DC’s performance at River Plate Stadium is a testament to their status as rock icons, captivating audiences with their raw talent and infectious energy.

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