12-year-old autistic singer Huillo rocks with Coldplay at Mexico stadium show

Coldplay’s heartwarming collaboration with 12-year-old Huillo at their Mexico City stadium show has touched the hearts of many. Huillo, a Mexican youngster with autism, captured the band’s attention when a video of him passionately crying while Coldplay performed “Fix You” at an earlier show in Mexico went viral.

Chris Martin, Coldplay’s frontman, described the video as the best they had ever seen and expressed their deep connection to it. Upon returning to Mexico City, Martin invited Huillo onstage to perform his original song “Different is OK.” The moment was captured in a touching video.

Huillo, described by Martin as a very special young man, showcased his musical talent and fearless spirit as he took the lead vocals and played the piano in front of the 65,000-strong crowd at the Foro Sol stadium. Despite the enormity of the audience, Huillo delivered a moving performance, backed by the band’s acoustic accompaniment.

The lyrics of “Different is OK” resonate with themes of acceptance and embracing diversity, sending a powerful message of unity and understanding. The audience, chanting Huillo’s name, showed their support and appreciation for his heartfelt performance.

The viral video of Huillo’s unforgettable collaboration with Coldplay serves as a reminder of the transformative power of music and the importance of celebrating individuality. Watch the inspiring moment unfold in the complete video below.

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