13-Year-Old James Briscoe From Melbourne Performs With The Killers

In recent years, The Killers have embraced a unique tradition during their performances, inviting audience members to join them on stage to play drums for their song “For Reasons Unknown.” This interactive element adds an exciting spontaneity to their shows, with eager fans holding up posters expressing their desire to participate.

One such memorable moment occurred during The Killers’ show at Mt Duneed Estate in Geelong on December 10, 2022, when 13-year-old James Briscoe was chosen to take the stage. His sister’s creatively crafted sign caught the band’s attention, and James, armed with his drumsticks, stepped up to the challenge.

As the familiar beats of “For Reasons Unknown” filled the venue, James impressed both the band and the audience with his confident drumming skills. Singer Brandon Flowers interacted with James, offering words of encouragement and acknowledging the overwhelming support from the crowd.

The joyous atmosphere on stage was palpable as James seamlessly blended into the performance, earning himself praise from both the band and fans alike. A delighted Flowers even dubbed him “King James” in a moment of celebration.

James’ exceptional performance highlights the power of practice and dedication in honing one’s musical talents. A video posted two years prior to his on-stage debut with The Killers showcased his commitment to drumming, underscoring the importance of consistent practice for musicians.

The tradition of inviting audience members to join the band on stage for “For Reasons Unknown” has become a beloved ritual for The Killers, creating memorable experiences for both participants and spectators alike. While it may have started as a spontaneous occurrence, it has since evolved into a cherished tradition, adding an extra layer of excitement to their live performances.

Reflecting on this tradition evokes memories of legendary rock lore, such as the iconic moment when a fan stepped in to help The Who finish their set after drummer Keith Moon encountered difficulties during a concert in 1973. These stories underscore the unpredictable and magical moments that can unfold in live music settings, forever etching themselves into the annals of rock history.

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