Sir Rod Stewart Proudly Sings Forever Young With His Daughter Ruby

Rod Stewart, the iconic musician known for his raspy voice and timeless hits, has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Among his eight children, Ruby Stewart stands out as his fourth child, born from his relationship with model Kelly Emberg between 1983 and 1990. Despite her lineage, Ruby’s journey into the spotlight took its own unique path.

At the tender age of 7, Ruby shared a heartwarming moment with her father on stage, singing “Sweet Little Rock and Roller” during one of his concerts. As she matured, the opportunity for a recording contract arose when she turned thirteen, yet her parents wisely deemed her too young for such a commitment. Undeterred, Ruby found her passion in modeling before transitioning to pursue her love for music.

In 2010, Ruby co-founded Revoltaire, a band based in Los Angeles, showcasing her musical talents on a broader stage. Two years later, she lent her voice to the English rendition of “Whatever Lola Wants” for a Pepsi commercial, further expanding her reach. However, it was her collaboration with Alyssa Bonagura in forming The Sisterhood Band in 2016 that truly showcased her musical prowess.

A standout moment came in 2018 when Ruby, alongside Bonagura, joined her father on stage during a Rod Stewart concert at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Their rendition of “Forever Young” not only demonstrated the harmonious blend of Ruby and Rod’s voices but also highlighted the familial bond shared between them.

Fans were quick to praise the performance, acknowledging the seamless synchrony between father and daughter. Rod Stewart’s playful remarks about Ruby further endeared them to the audience, adding a personal touch to the memorable moment.

In a poignant twist, Rod Stewart’s adaptation of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” holds special significance as a song dedicated to his children. Recorded in 1988, the song resonated deeply with Stewart, reflecting his commitment to being present in his children’s lives amid the demands of his career.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Ruby has continued to pursue her musical endeavors, recently embarking on a solo career. Her engagement to Jake Kalick in January 2023 marked a new chapter in her personal life, followed by the joyous arrival of their son, Otis Stewart Kalick, in May 2023.

As Ruby Stewart forges ahead in her journey, accompanied by the love and support of her family, The Music Man extends heartfelt wishes for continued success and happiness.

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