In The Twilight Of Their Career The Bee Gees Sing “How Deep Is Your Love” Acapella

The Bee Gees made a memorable appearance on Des O’Connor’s Tonight Show in 1998, marking a highlight in their promotional tour for the One Night Only album. During their 20-minute slot, the Gibbs brothers delivered a captivating performance of “How Deep is Your Love?” that showcased their unparalleled vocal harmony.

In a spontaneous moment captured on the full video of the show, Barry initially contemplated strumming his guitar but opted for an acapella rendition instead. As Barry led with the first verse, his flawless timing and pitch set the stage for Maurice and Robin to join in with their deeper voices, creating a mesmerizing blend around Barry’s effortless falsetto. The result was one of the most charming versions of the classic ballad ever witnessed, shining a spotlight on the sibling bond and extensive experience of singing together.

An intriguing aspect of the video is Des O’Connor’s involvement, as he enthusiastically joins in the singing. Despite potential misconceptions, O’Connor, a singer in his own right, had previously covered “How Deep is Your Love?” on his Lovin’ Feeling album in 1989. His soft vocals complemented the Gibbs brothers’ performance, adding to the enchanting atmosphere of the moment.

The ease and camaraderie displayed by the Bee Gees with Des O’Connor stood in stark contrast to their appearance on the Clive Anderson All Talk show in 1997. There, the brothers faced discomfort as Anderson made disparaging remarks, prompting Barry to lead his brothers off the set midway through the interview.

The One Night Only album, recorded in Las Vegas in November 1997, was initially intended as the Bee Gees’ farewell performance due to Barry’s chronic arthritis. However, buoyed by the enthusiastic response, they embarked on a world tour, concluding in Sydney in March 1999. Their final full show occurred on New Year’s Eve 1999 in Sunrise, Florida, followed by a last trio appearance in 2002 before Maurice’s untimely passing in 2003.

Despite nearing the end of their journey as a band, the Bee Gees’ relaxed and captivating performance on Tonight with Des O’Connor belied any indication of the impending conclusion, leaving an enduring impression of their enduring talent and camaraderie.

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