Real-Life Great Grandchildren Of The Von Trapp Family Perform A Breathtaking Version Of ‘Edelweiss’

This remarkable performance features the great-grandchildren of the renowned Von Trapp Family, who surprised an office in Columbus, Ohio, with their impromptu rendition of ‘Edelweiss.’

Uploaded by “FIGBAR FILMS” on their YouTube channel, the video captured the unexpected visit and performance, which was described as an act of kindness from the Von Trapp descendants. According to the channel owner, the family members appeared at the office spontaneously, and someone quickly grabbed a camera to document the moment. The performers exhibited humility and warmth throughout, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present.

The singers—Sofia, Melanie, Amanda, and August Von Trapp—are descendants of Georg von Trapp and step-great-grandchildren of Maria von Trapp, his second wife. While they previously performed together as a quartet under the name “The Von Trapps,” they have since pursued individual musical endeavors while occasionally reuniting for special guest appearances.

The Von Trapp Family, led by Georg von Trapp, gained fame in Austria between the World Wars for their musical talents. Fleeing Austria during World War II, they sought refuge in the United States, where their inspiring story later inspired two German films and the beloved Broadway musical “The Sound of Music.” Maria Franziska, the last surviving member of the original seven Trapp children, passed away at the age of 99 in 2014, leaving behind a legacy of music and resilience.

In a delightful video clip, the real Maria von Trapp is seen teaching Julie Andrews, who portrayed her in “The Sound of Music,” how to yodel in traditional Austrian style. This charming exchange showcases both comedic flair and musical talent, further highlighting the enduring fascination with the Von Trapp family’s musical heritage.

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