A-Ha’s Acoustic Version Of “Take On Me” Is A Wonderful Adaptation Of The Original

This captivating rendition of a-ha’s iconic hit song offers a fresh perspective, infusing the original with a tranquil and mellow atmosphere. Presented by a-ha themselves, this acoustic rendition strips away the layers, allowing the listener to immerse themselves fully in the essence of the lyrics and melody.

The serene and laid-back rendition of their classic track has garnered an impressive 89 million views on YouTube, solidifying its status as a true triumph! Below, you’ll find the acoustic rendition that has been captivating audiences online, inviting listeners to unwind and appreciate this reimagined masterpiece.

“Take On Me” first graced the airwaves in October 1984, emerging from the talented Norwegian synthpop band a-ha. Produced by Tony Mansfield and later remixed by John Ratcliff, the song’s 1985 version, helmed by Alan Tarney, became a standout track on the group’s debut studio album. Despite its initial challenges, “Take On Me” ultimately soared to number two on the UK Singles Chart in October 1985, marking a significant milestone in the band’s journey.

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