AC/DC Prove They’re Better Live With Wild “Thunderstruck” Cut In Argentina Stadium

Witnessing a band outshine their studio recordings in a live setting is a testament to their authentic talent. This was precisely the case with AC/DC during their electrifying performance of “Thunderstruck” at Argentina’s River Plate Stadium. The live rendition wasn’t just a performance; it was a monumental rock event that surpassed their already iconic studio versions.

The stage was dominated by the Young brothers, Angus and Malcolm, whose guitar prowess was in full swing. Alongside them, the classic lineup, featuring Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, and Phil Rudd, brought an energy that was nothing short of explosive. Johnson, the charismatic frontman, knew exactly how to captivate the Argentine crowd, building up an electric atmosphere before letting out his distinctive rock vocal prowess. The video footage of this iconic performance is a must-watch for any rock enthusiast.

Particularly noteworthy was Phil Rudd’s performance. His drumming was not just powerful but colossal, adding a thunderous depth to the live version that the studio recording couldn’t capture. This was a significant moment, especially considering Rudd replaced drummer Chris Slade for this performance, bringing his unique style back to the forefront of the band’s sound.

The guitar work was nothing short of mesmerizing. The Young brothers’ mastery over their instruments was evident, with Malcolm’s rhythm guitar skills shining brightly, driving the iconic riffs of “Thunderstruck” with precision and passion. Angus, known for his shredding skills, didn’t hold back either, delivering a performance that was both visually and sonically captivating.

The band’s rendition of “Highway to Hell” from the same concert was equally compelling, a testament to AC/DC’s enduring appeal and their ability to connect with fans across generations. The audience’s reaction, a blend of awe and fervor, underscored South America’s deep-rooted love for hard rock.

AC/DC’s fanbase, known for their unwavering loyalty, were vocal in their praise, with many highlighting the band’s ability to deliver high-energy performances despite their age. This only solidified AC/DC’s legendary status in the rock world.

The track “Thunderstruck,” a standout from their 1990 album The Razors Edge, has become a staple in the band’s live performances. Interestingly, the song marked a significant point in their career, showcasing their ability to evolve and continue to capture the hearts of listeners, a trend that has persisted, as evidenced by the track’s impressive streaming numbers on Spotify.

The creation of “Thunderstruck” is a story of musical genius, with Angus’s guitar trick evolving into a full-fledged rock anthem thanks to Malcolm’s rhythmic contributions. Despite being a later addition to their discography, the song stands tall among their earlier hits, symbolizing their resurgence in the 1990s.

For those eager to dive deeper into the world of AC/DC, their YouTube channel offers a treasure trove of performances, while their official website provides a gateway to the band’s latest updates and more.

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