Alan Jackson And George Strait Perform “Remember When” & “Troubadour” At 2016 CMA Awards

In a remarkable display of country music history, the 2016 CMA Awards marked its 50th anniversary with a star-studded lineup that left fans in awe.

Among the many unforgettable moments, one stood out: the much-anticipated duet between two country music legends, Alan Jackson and George Strait.

As the stage lights illuminated, Jackson kicked off the performance with his soulful rendition of “Remember When,” a poignant hit from 2003. Behind him, images of iconic country figures like Johnny Cash and George Jones added a layer of nostalgia to the performance.

Then, in a magical moment, King George himself, George Strait, emerged from backstage to serenade the audience with his 2008 track “Troubadour.” The crowd erupted in applause as Strait’s unmistakable voice filled the venue.

But the true highlight came when Jackson and Strait joined forces for a duet that surpassed all expectations. Their harmonies blended seamlessly as they crooned together, creating a moment that will forever be etched in country music history.

As Brad Paisley aptly put it in his introduction, Jackson and Strait are undeniably “two of the best we’ve got,” and their performance at the 2016 CMA Awards was a testament to their legendary status.

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