Annie And Lola Lennox Shine Singing “There Must Be An Angel”

Annie Lennox, a legendary figure in the music industry, has passed down her talent to her daughter Lola Lennox Fruchtmann, a budding singer-songwriter. Despite Lola’s lineage, she embarked on her own musical journey, studying singing at the prestigious Royal Academy in London before launching her career. Her debut single “In the Wild” released in February 2020 marked her entry into the music scene.

One notable moment in Lola’s career came on April 18, 2020, during the One World: Together At Home concert, a Covid19 support event, where Lola and her mother took the stage together. They delivered a heartfelt rendition of Eurythmics’s hit “There Must Be An Angel,” showcasing their musical chemistry and talent. Later, on December 1, 2021, for World Aids Day, they reprised the performance at the Mothers2Mothers HIV-support charity’s 20th-anniversary gala in London, reflecting their commitment to philanthropy.

In a recent performance captured at the gala, Annie and Lola captivated audiences with their rendition of “There Must Be An Angel.” While Annie’s seasoned vocals earned her acclaim as one of the greatest singers of all time, Lola’s emerging talent shone through. Despite not yet possessing the soulful depth of her mother’s voice, Lola’s performance exuded charm and promise.

The video also offers a glimpse of Annie Lennox’s skillful piano playing, adding another layer of musicality to their performance. Their closing harmony underscores the joy and pride Annie feels in sharing the stage with her daughter. This dynamic duo has also collaborated on other occasions, including Lola’s single “Wherever You Go,” accompanied by the BBC Concert Orchestra, drawing praise for their seamless vocal blend and emotional resonance.

Annie’s relocation to Los Angeles in 2020, along with her husband Mitch Besser, proved fortuitous as it brought her closer to Lola and her sister Tali Lennox, facilitating family gatherings and musical collaborations. Lola acknowledges the invaluable role her mother plays in her musical journey, from offering insights during studio sessions to helping transform her demos into fully realized songs. Inspired by iconic vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone, Lola continues to carve her own path in the music industry, with her mother’s guidance and influence ever-present.

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