Debbii Dawson Sings Dancing Queen As You’ve Never Heard It Before

Introducing Debbii Dawson, a remarkable singer, songwriter, and musician who stole the spotlight on the seventeenth season of America’s Got Talent. With her captivating audition performance of a slow version of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen,” Debbii impressed all four judges, earning unanimous votes to advance to the next round.

Sofia Vergara praised Debbii, expressing her desire to listen to her voice all day long. Despite strong competition, Debbii’s journey on the show ended just before the semi-finals, yet she gained immense popularity among music lovers worldwide.

Debbii’s audition video, showcasing her incredible talent, quickly went viral on YouTube, amassing over two million views within the first 24 hours alone. Born on March 10, 1996, in Hutchinson, Minnesota, Debbii attended Hutchinson High School, inheriting her musical talents from her father, David, who was also a musician.

Growing up, Debbii learned to play various instruments from her father, who had been taught by his grandfather using a makeshift organ keyboard drawn on the pavement with charcoal. Debbii’s siblings, Jonathan and Sitarah, also share her creative inclinations, with Sitarah joining her in duets and performances, including singing the national anthem at sporting events.

Despite her elimination from America’s Got Talent, Debbii remains undeterred, continuing to pursue her passion for music. With a growing YouTube following and a repertoire of unique acoustic renditions of popular songs, Debbii’s talent shines through in every performance. Her indie-style interpretation of “Dancing Queen” showcased her bold approach to music, earning admiration from fans worldwide. For a taste of Debbii’s exceptional talent, be sure to check out her fabulous rendition of “Dancing Queen” and other captivating performances on her YouTube channel.

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