Disturbed Hit 133M Views Singing “Sound Of Silence” Live On TV

When juxtaposing musical acts, few pairings seem as unlikely as folk-rock icons Simon and Garfunkel and heavy metal sensation Disturbed. However, the unexpected occurred when Disturbed decided to cover “The Sound of Silence.” What drove this shift in style?

In an interview, Disturbed’s vocalist David Draiman revealed that the band typically didn’t plan covers in advance. Instead, it was during studio sessions for their Immortalized album that they discussed the possibility of incorporating covers. The idea to cover the iconic tune arose from drummer Mike Wengren, who often played it at home while doing chores. While Disturbed’s usual sound leans towards rawness and aggression, guitarist Dan Donegan advocated for exploring a softer, more melodic approach for this cover.

Interestingly, lead singer David’s background played a pivotal role. Trained as a Cantor in his youth, David’s experience leading Jewish congregations in prayer provided a foundation for the melodic singing style required for “The Sound of Silence.”

Upon its release as a single in December, “The Sound of Silence” soared to the top of the charts in the USA, receiving widespread acclaim. The accompanying music video garnered hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, with plans for a live performance on Conan O’Brien’s show. However, what came next was beyond expectations.

Following their appearance on Conan’s show, Paul Simon’s manager reached out to David, leading to a personal email exchange with the legendary musician himself. Simon praised Disturbed’s rendition, expressing his appreciation for their powerful performance.

Simon’s endorsement didn’t stop there. In subsequent interviews and social media posts, he continued to laud Disturbed’s cover, propelling it to unprecedented success. The official music video amassed an astonishing 812 million views on YouTube, captivating audiences beyond the realm of Disturbed’s fanbase.

Indeed, the cover struck a chord with fans of the original and newcomers alike, eliciting emotions and breathing new life into the timeless classic. As one commenter aptly remarked, the collision of two musical worlds resulted in pure magic, epitomizing the essence of great music.

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