Muriel Anderson Plays Don Mclean’s Vincent On The Harp Guitar

Muriel proudly showcases her exquisite harp guitar crafted by the master luthier Mike Doolin from Portland, Oregon. For those unfamiliar with this unique instrument, Muriel’s video offers a captivating glimpse into both her remarkable musical prowess and the intricate craftsmanship behind the creation of a harp guitar.

Throughout the demonstration, Muriel not only treats viewers to her virtuoso performance but also provides insightful commentary on the playing technique and the meticulous artistry involved in constructing such a specialized instrument. The highlight of the video is undoubtedly Muriel’s mesmerizing rendition of Don McLean’s classic “Vincent,” showcasing her unparalleled skill and deep affection for her instrument.

So, take a moment to immerse yourself in the enchanting melody and marvel at Muriel’s talent as she effortlessly navigates the strings of her Doolin Harp Guitar.

From a young age, Muriel exhibited a natural aptitude for music, beginning with piano lessons as a child. At eight years old, she received her first guitar from a family friend, sparking a lifelong passion for the instrument. Her musical journey continued at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, where she honed her guitar skills and delved into various genres, from jazz to bluegrass.

However, Muriel’s musical pursuits didn’t end there. In addition to mastering the guitar, she ventured into the realm of the harp guitar, pushing the boundaries of her musical expression even further. Her dedication and talent were recognized when she became the first woman to win the prestigious National Fingerpicking Guitar Championship.

While Muriel’s guitar performances are undeniably impressive, her videos featuring the harp guitar are nothing short of extraordinary. This hybrid instrument, combining elements of both guitar and harp, presents a unique challenge even for seasoned musicians. Yet, Muriel effortlessly demonstrates her dexterity and finesse, captivating audiences with her unparalleled skill.

For those new to Muriel’s musical world, her harp guitar videos serve as a perfect introduction to her artistry. Whether you’re a seasoned guitarist or simply a music enthusiast, Muriel’s performances are sure to leave you spellbound. So, why not start with this captivating demonstration?

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