Gregorian A Concept Band Of Monks Originating From Germany

Gregorian, a concept band hailing from Germany, offers a unique twist on Gregorian Chant, blending it with contemporary pop elements and a dash of new-age mysticism. Despite their monk-like appearance during concerts, the members are not actual Monks; instead, they are skilled vocalists handpicked by founder Frank Peterson from renowned cathedral choirs and classical institutes.

Their debut album, “Sadisfaction,” released in 1991, featured two female lead vocalists, setting the tone for their fusion of pop and choral music. However, subsequent releases followed the traditional Gregorian style of male choirs, adorned with instrumental backing and flamboyant vocal performances.

Gregorian’s most popular track, “The Sound of Silence,” with 21 million views on YouTube, exemplifies their innovative approach to blending genres. This modern classic, originally by Simon & Garfunkel, perfectly encapsulates Peterson’s vision of merging pop sensibilities with the ethereal allure of Gregorian Chant.

The roots of Gregorian can be traced back to the first Enigma album, “MCMXC a.D,” in 1990, where Peterson, alongside Michael Cretu and David Fairstein, experimented with new-age and worldbeat sounds. Drawing inspiration from Enigma’s digitally manipulated pop, Peterson founded Gregorian, emphasizing live singers over sampled chants.

The evolution of Gregorian’s sound led to the “Masters of Chant” series, characterized by a male choir-centric approach and a refined focus on choral voicings. Over 17 albums, the band has covered songs from an eclectic range of artists, including David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Coldplay, and Pink Floyd, among others.

Their rendition of “The Sound of Silence” holds particular significance, considering the song’s history as Simon & Garfunkel’s breakthrough hit. Originally released in 1964 on their debut album, the song gained newfound popularity after a remix by producer Tom Wilson in 1965, propelling the duo to stardom.

Despite the passage of time, “The Sound of Silence” remains a timeless masterpiece, resonating with audiences worldwide. Gregorian’s interpretation adds a contemporary twist to this iconic track, showcasing their ability to breathe new life into classic songs while paying homage to their rich musical heritage.

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