Dolly Parton takes Queen mega-hit to brand new level

Dolly Parton, a true American treasure, proves you’re never too old to rock! In anticipation of the 2024 Paris Olympics, she’s released a rousing cover of Queen’s legendary anthems “We Are the Champions/ We Will Rock You.” This collaboration with NBCUniversal is a testament to her lifelong love of the games.

“The Olympics make me laugh, cry, and cheer like nothing else,” Dolly admits. “Those athletes pour their hearts and souls into their dreams, and it’s pure magic to witness.”

Parton’s powerful vocals infuse the iconic Queen songs with her signature country charm. The accompanying video weaves her performance with breathtaking Olympic moments – athletes pushing their limits, triumph, and even the sting of defeat. You can’t help but feel those goosebumps as her voice soars.

“Dolly absolutely nailed this Queen classic! Freddie would be beaming,” one fan commented – and it’s hard to disagree.

The video’s message resonates: whether you’re an Olympic athlete or someone striving for a personal goal, Dolly’s rendition fuels that fighting spirit. “We Are the Champions” has long held a place in hearts of sports fans, while the rhythmic power of “We Will Rock You” unites crowds like no other. True to Queen’s vision, Dolly’s climactic sing-along has us all stomping and clapping in unison.

This may just be the countdown highlight we needed. If it’s this thrilling, we’re in for a spectacular Olympics in 2024!

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