Ed Sheeran Overheard Fan Singing And Invites Her To Duet

On April 17, 2023, Ed Sheeran treated fans to an intimate concert at Admiralspalast, Berlin, ahead of his album release for Subtract and upcoming tour. Despite typically performing in stadiums, Sheeran opted for the cozy setting of Admiralspalast, which has a capacity of 1500, much smaller than his usual venues.

The atmosphere at the concert was initially somber as Sheeran debuted songs from Subtract, which delved into poignant subject matter. However, Sheeran swiftly lifted the mood, declaring, “Now it’s enough being sad, let’s party.” The highlight of the night came during the performance of “Afterglow,” where Sheeran invited a lucky fan named Annemarie onstage.

In a spontaneous move, Sheeran disregarded the venue’s 10 pm curfew, opting to continue singing without amplification. He ventured into the midst of the audience, where a small platform provided an impromptu stage. Surrounded by adoring fans, Sheeran treated them to acoustic renditions of his hits “Perfect” and “The A Team.”

The atmosphere reached a crescendo when Sheeran transitioned into the traditional Irish song “The Parting Glass,” symbolizing the nearing end of the performance. It was during the rendition of “Afterglow” that Sheeran noticed Annemarie singing harmonies beside him. Encouraging her to join him onstage, the unplanned duet added an extra layer of magic to the night.

Annemarie later shared her experience in a heartfelt post, expressing gratitude for the unforgettable moment shared with her musical idol. She admitted to being surprised by her calm demeanor captured in the video, likening the experience to watching a movie unfold before her eyes.

In an interview with DASDING, Annemarie revealed that she was unaware Sheeran had heard her singing along. Sheeran himself confirmed that the impromptu duet was unplanned, praising Annemarie’s incredible performance and thanking her for ending the concert on such a special note.

Annemarie Schmidt’s unexpected onstage moment with Ed Sheeran at Admiralspalast will undoubtedly be cherished as a lifelong memory, showcasing the magic of live music and the genuine connection between artists and their fans.

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