Remember Monday’s Brian-May-Approved TikTok Fat Bottom Girls Cover

Once known as Houston, Remember Monday, a female vocal trio hailing from Britain, faced a dilemma when they discovered other acts sharing their former name. Unwilling to blend into the crowd, Lauren Byrne, Holly-Anne Hull, and Charlotte Steele rebranded themselves as Remember Monday, a nod to their longstanding tradition of dedicating Mondays to each other since their sixth form days.

Their journey took a turn during the pandemic when they resorted to TikTok to share their musical talents, showcasing impromptu performances in car parks. Among their viral hits was a snippet covering “Fat Bottom Girls,” which unexpectedly caught the attention of none other than Brian May, resulting in a full-length YouTube cover garnering over 1.3 million views.

Although Remember Monday gained traction with covers, their essence lies in their original compositions. Their insistence on performing original tracks led them to showcase “Jailbreaker” on The Voice UK 2019, where they reached the quarter-finals under the guidance of coach Jennifer Hudson, who even supported funding their music video for “Nothing Nice To Say.”

Their EP, “Hysterical Women,” released in February 2023, received acclaim for its fusion of feminist country-pop akin to Destiny’s Child meets Carrie Underwood. With positive reviews flooding in from platforms like Holler.Country and Entertainment Focus, Remember Monday solidified their presence in the music scene.

Beyond their musical endeavors, each member boasts individual achievements. Lauren graces the West End stage as Miss Honey in “Matilda,” while Holly enchants audiences as Christine Daaé in “The Phantom of the Opera.” Meanwhile, Charlotte balances her role as Deputy Head of Artemis College with her passion for choreography.

Despite their diverse pursuits, Remember Monday continues to captivate audiences with their harmonious blend of talent and friendship, proving that their journey is only just beginning.

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