Hanson Sing Bees Gees Classic Acapella At Sydney Opera House With No Mics!

Audiences at Hanson’s Sydney Opera House concert were treated to a special moment when the pop trio decided to perform the Bee Gees’ classic hit “Too Much Heaven” acapella, without the aid of microphones. Following the conclusion of their set, the three brothers set aside their instruments for a more intimate rendition of the song, showcasing their remarkable vocal talents and heavenly harmonies.

The acapella performance holds particular significance for Hanson, as they initially began their musical journey as an acapella band in the early ‘90s, recording renditions of old-time rock hits together. The iconic Sydney Opera House, renowned for its acoustics that eliminate the need for microphones during orchestral performances, provided the perfect backdrop for this stripped-down performance. The video of their acapella rendition at the concert hall has garnered over 2.5 million views on YouTube.

Nicole Thompson, a devoted Hanson fan who uploaded the video, noted that this impromptu encore was the only one given during the String Theory Tour, which supported their studio album of the same name. Fans were ecstatic to receive this unique treat from the band, with Thompson describing them as “spoiled rotten” by the experience.

The String Theory album featured Hanson’s music accompanied by performances from the Prague Symphony, under the arrangement of composer David Campbell. Throughout the tour, the band embraced symphonic arrangements of their music, occasionally weaving in acapella performances. One of their most famous acapella renditions dates back to 1997, when they performed an acapella version of their hit “MMMBop” live at the Music Awards.

Fans lauded Hanson’s rendition of “Too Much Heaven,” praising their talent and courage to tackle an acapella rendition of a Bee Gees classic. Taylor Hanson shed light on the band’s decision to perform this particular song, citing their deliberate choice to honor the Bee Gees, another trio of brothers, and Australia’s musical legacy. While their micless performance at the Sydney Opera House remains unparalleled, Hanson has revisited “Too Much Heaven” acapella at other venues, including the O2 Arena in London and the Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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