Guest Singers From The UAE Shine On Music Travel Love’s Latest Cover Of Stand By Me

Identical twins Bob and Clint Moffatt, known for their project Music Travel Love, have journeyed far in their musical career. Their musical journey began at a tender age, joining the Moffatt family band at just three years old in 1987. Alongside their older brother Scott and fraternal twin Dave, they made their first stage appearance on Timmy’s Springtime Telethon in 1988.

The Moffatt brothers’ transition to Music Travel Love (MTL) in 2018 marked a new chapter in their musical exploration. With MTL, Bob and Clint embarked on a mission to “travel the world making music, friends, videos, and memories.” Their videos often feature the duo performing, while others showcase collaborations with talented musicians.

One of their standout performances is their rendition of “Stand By Me,” initially released as a duo version in 2018, garnering 67 million views on YouTube. However, their recent rendition filmed at Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, has quickly gained traction, accumulating 5.3 million views in just two months. Viewers have been captivated by the seamless harmonies and soulful rendition, transforming an old favorite into a new cherished song.

The Abu Dhabi rendition of “Stand By Me” features guest singer Arqam Al Abri, along with emerging talents Suzan Sadek, Donia El Hendi, and Maya Mashour. While Arqam’s soulful voice takes the lead in the first verse, the accompanying vocalists add depth and richness to the performance. Notably, the musical arrangement also includes Yudhis Arianto on piano and strings, recorded in a hotel room before the outdoor shoot.

Arqam Al Abri, known for his luscious soulful vocals, has made a significant impact on the music scene in the UAE. His songs like “Heavy” and “Towards The Light” have garnered attention, showcasing his diverse musical influences ranging from Motown to Neo Soul. Arqam’s aspirations include exploring Arabic music and incorporating eclectic influences like Lenny Kravitz and Radiohead into his repertoire.

Maya Mashour, a talented musician, achieved recognition by winning the advanced RnP category at the Abu Dhabi Young Musician Award 2022. Susan Sadek, an Egyptian singer-songwriter, balances her music career with studying interactive design at New York University Abu Dhabi. Donia El Hendi, known as donía, has made her mark with covers and original songs on various platforms.

Music Travel Love’s collaboration with these talented UAE guest singers not only produced a remarkable cover of “Stand By Me” but also provided a global platform for their exceptional voices. Through their music, MTL continues to celebrate diversity and collaboration, creating memorable experiences for their audience worldwide.

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