Jimmy Somerville Shocks Busker By Singing Along On His Hit “Smalltown Boy”

In a delightful twist of fate, an English busker experienced a moment of pure astonishment when pop icon Jimmy Somerville unexpectedly joined him in singing his hit song “Smalltown Boy.” The busker, strumming his acoustic guitar and singing in a baritone tone, found himself in disbelief as Somerville casually strolled past with his dog, seamlessly adding his unmistakable countertenor vocals to the mix.

The busker, visibly taken aback by Somerville’s impromptu appearance, quickly restarted the chorus to harmonize with the unexpected guest. Despite being 52 years old at the time, Somerville effortlessly showcased his enduring talent by flawlessly belting out the iconic vocal hook.

The duo’s voices blended together organically, reminiscent of the original recording’s double-tracked high and low vocals. Somerville commended the busker with a “well done” after their spontaneous jam session, leaving the busker in awe, double-checking if it was indeed the renowned singer himself – a confirmation Somerville gladly provided.

“Smalltown Boy” catapulted Somerville’s first band, Bronski Beat, to fame in 1984, becoming their breakout hit from the album “The Age of Consent.” The synth-pop anthem soared to number three in the UK and clinched the number one spot in the Netherlands and Belgium, cementing its status as Somerville’s signature song across his musical endeavors.

The heartwarming impromptu performance between Somerville and the busker captivated fans worldwide, garnering 13 million views on YouTube. Viewers expressed joy and appreciation for the uplifting moment, with comments reflecting the video’s ability to bring a smile to their faces time and again.

“Smalltown Boy” continues to leave its mark on the music scene, with remixes by Stephen Hague in 1990 and Somerville’s re-recording in 2014 for the song’s 30th anniversary. Its influence extends beyond its original release, with notable acts like Daft Punk and Brandon Flowers of The Killers sampling the track in their own music.

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