14-Year-Old Iveta Tumasonyte Gets Golden Buzzer For Lady Gaga Cover

In the climactic scene of the movie “A Star Is Born,” Lady Gaga delivers a powerful rendition of “I’ll Never Love Again,” showcasing her extraordinary vocal range and emotional depth. It’s a performance that would intimidate even the most seasoned singers. Yet, in 2019, 14-year-old Iveta Tumasonyte dared to take on this challenging song during her audition for Ireland’s Got Talent.

Standing before judges Louis Walsh, Michelle Visage, Denise van Outen, and Jason Byrne, Tumasonyte exuded confidence as she announced her song choice. Visage acknowledged the magnitude of the song for someone her age but expressed support nonetheless. With encouragement from the judges, Tumasonyte embarked on her performance, determined to make her mark.

As the opening piano chords filled the room, the atmosphere grew tense. Presenter Lucy Kennedy, visibly moved, whispered to Tumasonyte’s mother, expressing disbelief at her young age. Tumasonyte’s flawless vocals captivated the audience from the start, proving her talent far beyond her years.

With each note, Tumasonyte’s confidence soared, culminating in a powerful rendition that moved the crowd. Sensing her chance to shine, Tumasonyte stepped forward, holding the audience in rapt attention. The applause was thunderous, signaling her undeniable talent and potential to advance in the competition.

In a moment of pure excitement, Visage, overwhelmed by Tumasonyte’s performance, pressed the Golden Buzzer, sending waves of joy and disbelief through the young singer and her family. Tears of happiness flowed freely as Tumasonyte struggled to comprehend the magnitude of the moment, surrounded by hugs and congratulations.

Although Tumasonyte’s journey on the show ended in the semifinals, her Golden Buzzer audition remains etched in viewers’ memories, garnering over 16 million views on YouTube. It was a testament to her remarkable talent and a glimpse of the bright future ahead. Indeed, a star was born that day on the stage of Ireland’s Got Talent.

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