Josh Groban & H.E.R. Sing Stunning “Beauty And The Beast” Duet At 30th Anniversary Show

Josh Groban and H.E.R. mesmerized audiences with their heartfelt rendition of “Beauty and the Beast” during the 30th-anniversary celebration of Disney’s timeless animated classic. The collaboration between these two powerhouse vocalists promised something extraordinary, and indeed, they delivered a performance that left a lasting impression.

As H.E.R. gracefully opened the song with her delicate vocals, embodying the spirit of Belle, she effortlessly captured the essence of a Disney princess. Meanwhile, Josh Groban, portraying The Beast, showcased his remarkable tenor, serving as a perfect complement to H.E.R.’s vocals and creating a harmonious blend that enchanted listeners.

H.E.R. not only showcased her vocal prowess but also wowed the audience with a show-stopping electric guitar solo during the bridge. Dressed in a stunning ball gown and wielding a transparent Stratocaster, she exuded a rock goddess aura as she navigated the stage with poise and grace, even descending a tall staircase while flawlessly playing the solo.

The production of the event was nothing short of spectacular, with a dozen ballroom dancers and cast members adorned in formal period costumes adding to the grandeur of the performance. Another highlight of the anniversary celebration was Martin Short and Shania Twain’s comedic rendition of “Be Our Guest,” with Short stealing the show as the flamboyant Lumière.

Fans flooded online platforms with praise for H.E.R. and Josh Groban’s duet, applauding their seamless vocal harmonies and mutual respect for each other’s talent. Many remarked on the enchanting blend of their voices, highlighting the collaborative spirit of their performance.

Both Groban and H.E.R. have deep ties to Disney, with Groban lending his voice to “Evermore” for the 2017 live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, and H.E.R. competing on Radio Disney’s The Next Big Thing at the age of 12.

Reflecting on his role as The Beast and his subsequent portrayal of Sweeney Todd in a musical adaptation, Groban delved into the complexity of their characters, noting the duality between the monstrous exterior and the human essence within. He emphasized the importance of connecting with the humanity of these characters, rather than focusing solely on their outward appearances, thereby enriching the audience’s experience and understanding of the roles.

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