Kelly Clarkson Performs Cover Of Chris Stapleton’s “White Horse

At the start of every episode of her award-winning show, “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Kelly Clarkson sings a song requested by her fans in a segment called “Kellyoke.” This part of the show is special because fans get to pick the songs, which can be from any music genre! Kelly has shown she can sing anything. For example, she recently sang “1985” by Bowling for Soup, and her fans loved it.

The band Bowling for Soup even noticed and shared her performance on their Facebook, saying they were thrilled and inviting her to perform with them again.

Bowling for Soup shared Kelly Clarkson’s video on Facebook, showing they were excited about her cover of their song “1985.”

Kelly has been getting attention from the artists of the songs she covers. On February 15, she sang “Save Me” by Jelly Roll, who expressed on social media how moved he was that Kelly covered his song, saying it made him cry.

Kelly also sang with Lainey Wilson on the show after performing Wilson’s songs “Heart Like A Truck” and “Smells Like Smoke.”

Kelly often sings country music on her show. She recently covered “White Horse” by Chris Stapleton, a song from his album “Higher” that became very popular. Kelly’s version of the song was loved by her fans, who think it’s one of her best covers.


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