Prince Secretly Wrote Kenny Rogers’ Song “You’re My Love”

The country music community was deeply moved when news of Prince’s death at 57 broke on April 21, 2016. Among them was Kenny Rogers, who, like many, admired Prince’s vast talents beyond his own genre.

Prince, celebrated not just for his electric performances and instrumental mastery but also for his songwriting prowess, had an unexpected link to country music. It was revealed that he penned a song for Kenny Rogers, a luminary in the country scene.

Performing in Paris on October 11, 2009, Prince’s influence spanned genres and borders. Under the alias “Joey Coco,” he crafted the track for Rogers, keeping his role in its creation under wraps. This wasn’t the first time Prince adopted a pseudonym for his songwriting; he did so for Sheena Easton’s pop hit and several other unreleased tracks for various artists.

The song in question, “You’re My Love,” found its place as the fourth track on Rogers’ 1986 album, “They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To.” This song, a heartfelt ballad, showcases the depth of emotion and connection, echoing sentiments of unparalleled affection and need.

Despite their professional connection, Rogers and Prince never had the chance to meet in person. Following Prince’s death, Rogers expressed his long-held wish to meet him, commemorating Prince’s musical genius and the profound emotions he conveyed through his work.

Rogers shared how Prince not only wrote “You’re My Love” but also played every instrument and sang background vocals on the demo. Sadly, Prince’s original demo was lost when Rogers re-recorded the song, but the memory of Prince’s dedication to the piece remained with Rogers.

Rogers praised Prince as an extraordinary talent and a deeply feeling individual, whose expressions of emotion transcended his outward appearance. The song “You’re My Love” remains a testament to their indirect collaboration and is available for listeners who wish to explore this unique intersection of country and Prince’s musical legacy.

Kenny Rogers himself passed away on March 20, 2020. The loss of both musical icons is felt deeply in the hearts of fans worldwide.

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